Sex Positions To Achieve Fast Orgasms

Sex is meant to be fun, which means it has to be really good. You don’t want to waste your time engaging in bad sex. For men, achieving their orgasms is easy. They can have sex with the most rigid woman on the planet and still cum. However, this is not the case when it comes to women. Statistics say only 30% can achieve orgasm from good intercourse.

There are so many things that determine if the sex is going to be mind-blowing or not. And one of them is the position. If you are looking forward to a pleasant time with an escort or your partner, here are four sex positions that can make you both come within minutes.

Modified Doggy Style

Most people will tell you how fantastic doggy position is. However, the modified one is a killer too. It changes the angle of the penetrations and positions the penis such that it points toward the G-spot. To make your escort to cum even faster, you can stretch your hand down and massage her clitoris with your fingers. Alternatively, you can also make her grind her clit area against the bed.
To be in this position, you have to assume the usual “doggy style” position, guide her head down to touch the bed but make sure her ass is still in the air. It’s best that you place a pillow underneath your escort to ensure that she’s relaxed.

Cow Girl

Also called girl on top, allows the woman to be in control of her orgasms. She’ll be controlling the depth, angle and speed of penetration. The goal of this position is for the tip of your penis to rub firmly against her front vaginal wall. The woman can move fast or slow as she likes. Also, this position gives you easy access to her clitoris. You can, therefore, have your fingers massage it as well to help her reach orgasms faster.

Seated Scissors

It is similar to the cowgirl only that the angle of penetration is slightly different. You can prop yourself on your elbow to achieve a better view. And your woman can also grab your leg for support or rub her clitoris against it as she rides.

G-Spot Missionary

To achieve this position, you have to assume the normal missionary position, then lift both her legs and place them over your shoulders. For more comfort, you should put a pillow underneath her lower back then lift her legs slightly, so her ass is not too much off the bed. Then you’ll be thrusting hard and at a consistent pace.

With these four positions, your sex life will never be the same, whether you are having sex with a partner or a beautiful girl from Charlotte Escorts. And the good thing is that they make both the man and the woman to orgasm fast.

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